Why Us?

Established in the mid eighties, Lakshachandi Realty is a premium Real Estate Company that has been built on a strong reputation of excellence through quality. Today, the Group is one of Mumbai's top Real Estate developers, specializing in Commercial, Residential and Retail. Its existing product portfolio ranges from upscale buildings to the most elite malls in the country, with new developments coming up at a tremendous pace. Every project of Lakshachandi is marked by persistent pursuit of greater excellence. Most of our NRI clients have invested their money in more than one project and we are sure that they will continue the repetition again with us.

Type Non Residential Indian Foreign Citizen of India Foreign National
Property Type Residential/Commercial Residential - No Prior RBI Approval only intimation to RBI in Form IPI-7 within 90 days of purchase (Press Release dated 8/1/1992)
Commercial - RBI Approval required Intimation to RBI in Form IPI-7 within 90 days of Purchase (8/6/1993 Circular)
RBI Clearance Not Required With prior approval of RBI from NRO Account Required
Mode of Payment Direct Remittance NRO/NRE Out of NRE/FCNR a/c or Foreign Remittance Foreign Remittance
Loan Against NRE/FCNR Deposits Loans against NRE/FCNR Deposits for Residential House Only Case Basis
Proceeds Repatriable / Non Repatriable Repatriable of sale proceeds ..... Proceeds Repatriable / Non Repatriable