Developing Wayside Amenities on National Highways

Travellers on National Highways often face lack of structured wayside amenities like clean toilets, hygienic restaurants, vehicle repair shops, ATM, Medical Facilities etc. With India’s tremendous plan of Highways and connectivity improving day by day, even when facilities are available, they are not for all users, i.e. car, bus & truck passengers all require different facilities, which causes inconvenience and also results in inefficiency amongst drivers & insufficient rest and lack of attention amongst drivers and passengers alike.


  • Development of Wayside Amenities along the entire length of more than 96,000 km of National Highways
  • Separate facilities for car and bus users and truck crew.

First Phase

  • NH 2 – Gurgaon, Varanasi, Ranchi
  • NH 8 – Rewari, Kherwara, Umargaon
  • NH 4 – Belgaum, Kohlapur
  • NH 5 – Behrampur, Chennai,
  • NH 6 – Kolaghat, Nagpur, Hazira
  • NH 7 – Bangalore, Chandrapur
  • NH 9 – Bellary, Sastapur
  • NH 11 – Jaipur, Bharatpur
  • NH 3 – Kalghat, Indore
  • NH 13 – Hospet

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